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Welcome to The Laurel® Online Application Process.

On our site, Applicants will prepare and submit "Board Packages" in support of their applications to purchase coop or condo apartments. They will provide all of their financial information, documents, and other non-financial information for review by appropriate coop and condo Boards on The Laurel®.

The Laurel® is the first computerized tool for the review and processing of "Board Packages", including documentation and attachments uploaded from an Applicant’s computer (by "Browsing") or from an outside website (by "Snapshot"). Reviews can finally be made quickly, efficiently, and with greater precision. "Board Packages" will no longer have to be physically transported and will be "green".

Any selected page, Statement, or Schedule is instantaneously available by the click of a mouse and can be printed at any time. Or, the entire Package can be printed.

Regardless of your role in the coop/condo approval process, we sincerely hope that you will be pleased with The Laurel®. Much has been adopted "as is" from the traditional method of dealing with "Board Packages" and much has been, we hope, improved.

Any coop or condo may subscribe with The Laurel® for NO cost by requesting a Subscription Agreement (and additional information) by e-mailing us at

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Each building to which an Applicant applies will have been assigned a building code by The Laurel®. An Applicant will complete a short "Pre-App", including the Building Code. Upon receipt of the Pre-App, The Laurel® will issue to the Applicant, by e-mail, two Access Numbers for use in completing The Laurel® online application process.

The Access Numbers will be the following:

"Unique Access Number":
For use by the Applicant, or those who the Applicant will authorize, to make entries.

"Read Only Number":
For use by those to whom the Applicant will provide "read only" access.

The central feature of every "Board Package" is the Financial/Net Worth Statement. On The Laurel®, Aggregate and Individual Financial/Net Worth Statements (and other included statements) will be completed AUTOMATICALLY, with each element of them being filled in as the Applicant completes the individual supporting Schedules.

By clicking on entries to the Statements, a reviewer will be able to access the support documentation for that entry.

Attachments to the Schedules, such as bank statements, brokerage and mutual fund statements, together with reference letters and tax returns, will be uploaded by the Applicant and will be available at a click when the Schedule is being reviewed.

The Laurel® wishes all Applicants good luck and hopes that each and every Board Member, managing agent, and broker is satisfied with the new level of convenience and efficiency which we have endeavored to provide.

Please do not hesitate to provide your feedback, good and bad, to help us to improve The Laurel® for your future benefit.

NOTE: Each prospective Applicant (or Co-Applicant) must complete the process and all Applicants involved in a particular transaction are to use the same access numbers, as the primary Applicant directs.

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A SAMPLE of The Laurel's® Pages:

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Welcome Applicant

Welcome Applicant

What You Will Need

What You Will Need
Non-Marketable Funds

Non-Marketable Funds
Aggregate Net Worth Statement

Aggregate Net Worth Statement
CPA Compilation

CPA Compilation

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