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  1. 1) The preservation of security and privacy has been paramount in the development of The Laurel®.
  2. 2) Customarily, paper-based "Board Packages" are voluminous and often difficult to decipher, navigate, or both. They are almost always unwieldy.
  3. 3) Any E-mail "solution" to the problems presented by paper Board Packages is inadequate. E-mail requires the recipient to scroll through all pages to see any single page. It requires scanning and clutters the recipient's E-mail inventory.
  4. 4) Most importantly, E-mail is NOT a secure method of transmission. It does NOT provide privacy. Electronic copies of E-mails are preserved even after "deletion". They remain available for retrieval by unauthorized parties.
  5. 5) The Laurel's® features include:
  1. a) Peek-proof transmission of information. All information is received into a dedicated and private server and only authorized individuals have access.
  2. b) For transmission, all information is encrypted, which prevents prying eyes from retrieving it.
  3. c) Pertinent information is de-identified in storage.
  4. d) Information may be completely erased after retrieval by authorized individuals, leaving no copies.
  5. e) Social Security Numbers never appear on The Laurel® unless the applicant allows such appearance.
  1. 6)Our servers utilize APF firewall and BFD services for added security. The APF firewall has settings for port and IP "allow" and "deny" options to protect your system, while BFD (short for "Brute Force Detection") will handle SSH attempts on the server. Whenever a user tries to use brute force attacks on our dedicated server via multiple failed logins, this service will block the IP doing the attack in the APF firewall. All of these measures are in place to help protect you and your information.
We trust that the foregoing will reassure that all information carried by The Laurel® will be handled with the security expected.